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  • Sensible Shipping Solution Sensible Shipping Solution Don’t let shipping problems keep your best plants from arriving in top condition.

    Wood wire-bound crates are available in several sizes to fit standard pallets and give you a choice of solid shelves for one- and two-gallon pots and slatted shelves for flats and bedding plants. You also have a choice of regular or heavy-duty construction with reinforced sides for larger potted plants.
  • Wood Rack Wood Rack Our feature product. Click here if you would like to receive instructions for this product.
  • Standard Solid Side Standard Solid Side We offer our wood products “Heat Treated” for export around the world meeting all ISPM standards. Heavy duty box can be re-used or provide that extra, one-way protection.
  • Open Slotted Crate Open Slotted Crate Lighter weight container for bulky commodities, available with swing door to ease loading.
  • Engine Pack Engine Pack With the solid top and bottom, a compact size suitable for a variety of smaller dense products.
  • Wire Bound Containers Wire Bound Containers These are just a few of the wirebound styles available. We offer wrap-around, staple and lock-on designs, custom made or supplied from an extensive range of stock boxes, most carrying automotive approval. We also supply export containers, lids, frames, saddles and many other related products, particularly pallets and corner posts rounding out the total service approach.
  • Wirebound Shipping Racks Wirebound Shipping Racks
    • Expand your shipping area
    • Reduce your shipping and merchandising cost
    • Sits on a wooden pallet for fast loading/unloading
    • Ships flat
    • Assembles in minutes using only a staple gun.
  • Wirebound Shipping Rack Wirebound Shipping Rack Description: This sturdy shipping rack is 75 inches tall and sits on a 48” x 40” used wood pallet and can support up to 300 lbs capacity per shelf (pallet not included). Can be shipped nationally. Call for current inventory in stock and cost of shipping to your area.